City Meetings

Meeting Minutes

The Minutes of meetings are the official record of proceedings, adoption of proposed policies, resolutions, or formal actions.

Please feel free to stop by the Municipal Building for copies of the Minutes from various meetings that have occurred. Please email City Clerk, Starr Jefferson or call (301) 336-1402 ext. 110 for further details.

City Meeting Dates

City Commission meetings are scheduled on the 1st Thursday, as well as the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month.

All meetings are open to the public unless they are declared executive (closed) sessions.

Speaker’s Form

The City Commission would love to extend an invitation to all of the citizen’s of District Heights to attend our monthly public meetings. Whether it’s issues within the community, recommendations, or comments pertaining to what we can do to improve our great city, we would love for you to attend. To determine the exact dates of our meeting’s please refer to the City Meeting Dates listed above.

To participate during a meeting, you MUST SEND A PUBLIC PARTICIPATION FORM TO THE CLERK’S OFFICE 24 HOURS PRIOR to the beginning of the meeting you wish to participate. The request form or email (must include name, address, telephone number and purpose for public participation at a meeting) and any accompanying materials you wish to be distributed to the Mayor and Commission.

Although citizen participation is encouraged, there are some strict procedures that we ask our citizen’s to abide by while in attendance.

Please email City Clerk, Starr Jefferson or call (301) 336-1402 ext. 110 for more information.

Ordinances & Resolutions

Ordinances and Resolutions that have been passed by the Commission are documents for you to view and at your convenience.

If you have any questions or if you require a copy of any, please email City Clerk, Starr Jefferson, call (301) 336-1402 ext. 110, or visit the Municipal Building.