Code Enforcement


The Code Enforcement section has grown tremendously since its inception in 1990. When our department was created our responsibilities were limited to trash, high grass, errant dogs, and junked vehicles. Since then our responsibilities have increased to provide a number of services which include:

  • An up to date list of homes for sale.
  • Issuing various permits and licenses.
  • Providing housing inspections for apartments and rental homes.
  • Creating a Penalties & Fine Schedule.
  • Maintaining and enforcing the many Codes of the City.
  • Working with the Police Department to impound vehicles in violation.

The duties and responsibilities of the Code enforcement office are now divided into 2 sections; Field Work and Administrative Duties. We are now able to issue building permits, Commercial and Residential Business Licenses, Day Care Licenses and Rental Licenses within city limits.

As the city continues to grow, the Code Enforcement Department continues to grow with as well. We are constantly looking for new and improved ways to enforce the laws that has allowed our community to thrive even in the face of adversity.

Call Code Enforcement for more information at (301) 336-1400 ext.140 or send us an email at