License & Permit Fees

Section 1401. License and Permit Fees

The following schedule shall govern the fees for the various licenses and permits issued by the City, excluding building permits.

Type of LicenseReferenceFee
Use and occupancy permitSec. 203 (a) (14)$10.00
Noise permitSec. 603 (c)$10.00
Alarm user licenseSec. 608 (e) 
Residential (first 2 years) No charge
Residential (biennial renewal) No charge
Commercial and other non-residential (first 2 years) $50.00
Commercial and other non-residential  (biennial renewal) $50.00
Reinstatement of alarm user license (residential, commercial, and other non-residential)Sec. 608 (e)$500.00
Duplicate alarm registration stickerSec. 608 (e)$5.00
False alarm appeal filingSec. 609 (e) (2)$25.00
False alarm waiver filingSec. 609 (f) (2)$25.00
Alarm system recertificationSec. 609 (h)$25.00
Alarm system upgrade certificationSec. 609 (i)$25.00
Annual business licenseSec. 702 (b)$225.00
Home-based business $50.00
Day care business $50.00
Annual game/entertainment machine registrationSec. 702 (c)$100.00 per machine
Annual automated teller machine registrationSec. 702 (c)$100.00 per machine
Annual coin-operated machine registrationSec. 702 (c)$10.00 per machine
Solicitor/peddler permitSec. 705$50.00
Annual rental unit licenseSec. 709 (c) 
Single-family unit $100.00
Multi-family unit $60.00
Temporary real estate sign permitSec. 710 (c) 
New home construction signs $45.00
Re-sale and rental signs $25.00
Return of removed temporary real estate signSec. 710 (g)(5)$25.00 per sign
Temporary sales permitSec. 711(i)$10.00
 Handicap parking space permitSec. 904$100.00
 Parade/rally permitSec. 910$50.00